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Mastering the Digital Advantage

Advanced Analytics

Optimizing your business through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with solutions across the retail value chain is imperative to stay ahead and deliver maximum value

Supply Chain Management

Establish centralized, transparent supply chain management with our proven solutions. We enable end-to-end order management, performance analysis and risk management data visualization.

Business Process Services

Oaperg’s integrated Business Process Services seamlessly merge front and back-office business functions and help in enhancing customer interaction models in order to create an emotional bond and improve customer loyalty, leveraging process improvement and augmentation of operational efficiencies.


Consumer & Retail Services


Enterprise IoT &
Software Development

Consumers are more connected and brand-focused than ever before. Trust Oaperg’s solutions and services to help you unlock the value of IoT to improve your company’s insight, maximize value chains, improve agility and reduce costs.


Consulting Solutions

Oaperg’s Retail practice helps retailers turn today’s pain points into new business opportunities.Transform the way customers interact with your business spaces—and turn your physical space into a differentiator, not a drag on your resources.


UX/UI Design Models & Website/Mobile App Design

Our business process services can help retailers to understand the concerns of the customer and deliver tangible benefits through a cost-competitive structure, unit-linked pricing model and comprehensive shared-service models


Redefining New Technology

Providing a personalized shopping experience is fast becoming an imperative, calling for a 360-degree customer view with seamless integration across all interaction channels. This requires a connected supply chain to enable omni-channel operations, respond to demand-supply fluctuations in real-time and make better pricing decisions.

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